Jumat, 18 Mei 2012

Lomba Kartun : 32th International Nasreddin Hodja Cartoon Contest

Untuk para kartunis.. ini ada lomba kartun tingkat intenasional dari Turki.
Sayang jika harus dilewatkan..

32th International  Nasreddin Hodja Cartoon contest


1.The open to cartoonists from all over the world.
2. published or unpublished cartoonists are free to participate in the competition.
But, before the award should not have received any other contest.
3. Of cartoons, "an original work should be".
4 subject is free.
5. Attendances in the competition with a maximum of 3 cartoon.
6. The dimensions of works should not exceed 30 x 40 cm.
Necessarily must be original cartoons.
7. Participants write their name in capital letters, surname, address, phone number,
should be written on the land. Artists short CV should be attached.
8. Cartoons at the latest until the date of August 31, 2012 must reach.
Results will be announced on September 10, 2012.
9. The participating cartoons will be kept Cartoon and Humour Museum of Istanbul by the Cartoonists' Association.
10. The participating works collected in an album, album and the exhibition will be selected by a jury.
11. His works are exhibited and published in an album sent to the cartoonists.
12. Participants are deemed to have accepted all the conditions.


Grand Prize
$ 5000

Achievement Awards
5 pieces $ 1000

Special Awards:

Various organizations, associations, newspapers, art magazines, syndicates and agencies
Special prizes offered.

Address:32th Cartoonists' Association International Nasreddin Hodja Cartoon Contest,
Allen Avenue, the Basilica Cistern Sultanahmet Output 34 122 Istanbul / TURKEY Tel : +90 (212) 513 60 61 Tel : +90 (212) 519 90 21 Fax : +90 (212) 527 26 18

WEB :www.karikaturculerdernegi.com

E-mail :info@karikaturculerdernegi.org

for More information:

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