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TES entry pake hp cina

Sàat in banyak hp buata cina y masuk indonesia. Sala satunya hpmerk MAXTRON. Dan ini hasilny ketik dites lewat blog.

Rabu, 02 Desember 2009

Ayam gretek: Ayam jantan dari timur

Kalau ke sulawesi. jangan kaget bila tengah malam atau subuh subuh mendengar tawa. Bukan tawa orang atau tawa hantu. Karena ini adalah kokok ayam yang bangun kepagian.

Satu ayam berkokok, maka akan terdengar susul menyusul. saling bersahutan.

Berisik memang. tapi itu ciri khasnya.

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Tidak besar kemungkinan Mega dan JK untuk menang pada pemilihan presiden Indonesia kali ini. Mereka Tahu itu. Mereka tidak bisa membohongi diri untuk hal ini. namun mereka harus tetap maju.

Bukan uang atau harga diri ukuran mereka maju kali ini. Uang mereka ada 12 angka nolnya. Buang uang sudah biasa buat mereka. Harga diri mereka sudah punya. Hanya umur mereka tidak mencukupi untuk ikut lagi pada pilpres tahun depan, selain itu ini adalah teriakan mereka yang terakhir tentang suatu kewajiban seorang pejuang.

Dalam dunia pewayangan ada tokoh Karna, yang sakti dan disegani. Semua orang tak ada yang dapat mengalahkannya. Yang bisa mengalahkan nya mungkin hanya arjuna. tokoh ini tahu. seberapa kuat dia berjuang, sebesar apapun dia melawan. dia pasti akan kalah dalam perang besar Baratayuda. Tapi dia harus melawan. karena tugas dia cuma itu. Bertempur, menang atau kalau itu urusan nanti. Dan dia tahu ujung ujungnya.

Untuk Megawati yang dilahirkan sebagai seorang pejuang, tokoh karna ini sangat mirip nasibnya. Dibuang oleh ordebaru berkali-kali. tetapi tetap ada, namun akhirnya jadi paria yang melongok di pinggir jalan negara. Takdir tidak berpihak padanya.

Untuk Jusuf Kalla yang dilahirkan sebagai pengusaha, jatuh bangunnya kehidupan dia pasti sudah kenyang. Bertempur itu sudah menjadi kebiasaannya. Kita akan melihat perjuangan seorang putra makasar. Dengan semangat egaliternya, mencoba menjalani kehidupan pejuang.

Siapapun yang kita contreng hari ini, kita sebetulnya sudah tahu siapa pemenangnya.

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If you think about celebes maybe you think this area is full with junggle.
but it is wrong.
this area are full with ricefield.


Parepare is little city by the sea.

Dont you think this city is flat because by the sea.

Many valley and up and down.

Minggu, 10 Mei 2009


If you want to see the beautiful art of comic. You must see the artwork from Terry Dodson artist.

Terry Dodson originally gained interest in to the comic book industry as a Star Wars fan furthering his interest by collecting it's several comic runs. Discovering a talent in art, Dodson began showing his portfolio at comic conventions, accepting members of the industry's criticism and growing from it. Getting a break in 1993, Dodson started his first title in Malibu Ultraverse's Mantra.

He has added his pencil to such titles as Star Wars, Hopeless Savages, Hopeless Savages: Ground Zero, Generation X, Legends of the DC Universe, GenActive, Harley Quinn, Spider-Man/ Black Cat: The Evil that Men Do, Smallville, Trouble, and upcoming European comic Coraline. Terry's partner in life also usually serves as his professional partner in his wife Rachel. Terry is known for his exquisite art in the female form, complimented by Rachel's ink.

For more info visit the official group:

o Terry Dodson Art Appreciation

*Bio contributed by Jerry Whitworth


In Indonesia almost every man had smoking. Why? Because in elementary school had friends who start smoking. They do that because want to try anything new. The ad and people around him is like suggest him to do that.

In Indonesia woman or girl who smoking is looks bad, like whore they think. Why? Because if you want find the girls whose smoke you must go to night club or the place that you want to ****. But it is only in their mind. That’s why woman or girls in Indonesia if want to smoke, their smoking by hide. Even if their smoking in café or night club.

In Indonesia the smokers think better not have food than not smoking. Why? Smoking is addicted. Today you smoke one, tomorrow you smoke two. And if you want to stop, is become not easy, because you had try and become love it.

In Indonesia many people are poor, but love to burning money by smoking.


Jakarta is capital city of Indonesia. So many building and highway, every little place changes. It is modern now. But still have village which not touched by changes. The floods come and go. Even if not fall the rains.

The picture is taken in Kampung Pulo, Jakarta Timur on Wednesday, May 7, 2009. The show must go on. Even flood come to his home. They are still works, floods is become usual, even if house sinking.

The flood is send from Bogor, the higher city which far-far away from south Jakarta, who had rainy day one day before.

So, don't be strange if you open the door and the flood who come in, even in beautiful sunny days.


Love your life by not afraid of challenges.


Do exercise by walking in the tea farms. In Indonesia we call it Teawalk. I think not as English grammar but not that we talk about it.

This teawalk is walking around tea farms in the mountains. With good view and best breath you can had. You will feel healthy too.

Is good for your health.


Sunday May 3, 2009.

Ragunan, the zoo in Jakarta city is loaded by people. When the world face the H1N1 virus, by not going anywhere including to the zoo. The people in Indonesia not to worry about this. Business goes as usual. They are still go to wherever they want to go.

By Rp 5000 (around 0.5 $) you can ride the elephant, but can’t go too far. Only in this area.


Act like brave ones, and the power will be come to help you


Not far away from Bandung City this place is in district of Garut area. This is the place that you can hide. So many mountains, cliffs and rivers. South from Bandung city after pangalengan little town with cold weather. So many tea tree with beautiful landscape.

The only way you go Talegong is by 3 meter wide street. With the long deep cliff and sometime little avalance.

Talegong has around 12000 families. The districts are having 6 villages:

Kelurahan Mekarwangi
Kelurahan Sukalaksana
Kelurahan Selaawi,
Kelurahan Mekarwangi,
Kelurahan Sukamulya,
Kelurahan Mekarmukti.

This area is still open. There is nothing here but silence. In 10 or 20 years it seems this place is still not changes. There will not big building or highway because nothing you can find here.
Only one changes. The forest is reduces. The forest become farm, the hills becomes sawah (ricefields), the cliffs becomes stones mines. And the worlds become warm.

Golden Oriole (Orioles chinensis diffuses)

Golden oriole in Indonesia is called by name kepodang.

Black-yellow Oriole is a medium-sized yellow and black bird. The male is bright yellow except for a broad black stripe through the eye, widening into a broader black band around the nape and hind crown, and black-and-yellow wings and tail. The female and sub adult male are similar but the mantle is yellow-olive; the immature is yellowish-green above and cream with black streaks below. The oriole inhabits lowland open forests and plantations, living in pairs or family parties. It usually stays high in large trees, but will descend lower in search of insects and berries for food.

The diffuses subspecies of Black-yellow Oriole is locally common in lowlands up to 1600 m in South-East Asia, India, the Philippines, Indonesia, and eastern China. In the 19th Century, it was also common in Indonesia, but has become rare and endangered due to habitat loss, and capture for the cage bird trade.

In Indonesia many places you can see this bird during the breeding season is on the west java till east java. During the non-breeding season, it is occasionally found elsewhere.

Black-yellow Oriole is still not legally protected under Indonesia Conservation Species.

You can take and buy in the bird market in Pasar Burung pramuka Jakarta or any place in Indonesia.


Finding Nemo is the best cartoon movie that had Oscar. Every kids and children love him to. The movie tells the story about father the clown fish who searching Nemo, his son, who cached by divers and took away to Sydney Australia. He faces many dangerous like sharks, deep sea fish, birds and many thing that you can imagine to find and get back his son.

The story , the pictures, the character are so beautiful. The seas are so real. And don’t forget song with title Beyond The Sea whose sang by Robbie William in the end at movie.

This is you must see movie. And if you have kids around 1-3 years old, you must have it. Your children will love it.


If you want to see Bali painting, you must see the original and the biggest artist who had influenced in Bali. Before he came to Bali, almost every Bali artist only made paintings about their myths and wayangs (the story about Mahabarata and Ramayana). But after he came everything changes, the Bali artist paints everything and anything. Markets, rivers, villages, birds, puras, even the peoples.
The artist is Walter Spies. He had a lot of masterpieces. The Kecak dance had influenced from him too. This Germany artist come to Java in 1923, then stay in Bali, love Bali and everything about Bali.

Born in 15th September 1895 in Mokswa , Russia. He learns paintings from Russian Artist like Gorky and Rachmaninov who came to his house. Every artwork from him is so mystery. The cloud and the farmer are always with cow or buffalo. Not always, but almost every painting from he is work. The body of farmer is so genuine. Thin and smooth. That stiles is becomes his trade mark.
In 1940 Walter Spies is prisoner by Nederland in Java. And in 18th January 1942 he died in the Indian ocean, around Sumatra Island on the trip to Srilangka. The ship bombed by Japan.

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SBY will be to be indonesia president again

Kenapa sby diyakini akan menang lagi?

Karena lawannya pasangan JK dan Wiranto yang terlihat kurang bergigi. Terlalu banyak kropos di kubu JK, dan terlalu lembutnya Wiranto.

Bagaimana dengan megawati?

Kalau melihat megawati yang masih mencari pasangan sepertinya tidak ada apa-apanya. Jika pun berdampingan dengan Prabowo rasa-rasanya tidak kuat ikatannya. Ambisi Prabowo yang ingin menjadi presiden terlalu besar, dan ini agak susah untuk dikompromikan. Kalaupun jadi mereka berpasangan rasa-rasanya rakyat sudah pernah melihat aksi megawati ketika jadi presiden.

Yang paling ditunggu cuma satu. Siapakah yang jadi wakilnya sby?

Dan satu lagi, apakah Megawati masih ngambek, jika kalah lagi dengan tidak mau datang ke istana ketika diundang mengikuti pelantikan presiden, Oktober nanti?

Kamis, 30 April 2009


Banyak gadis gadis yang bermimpi menikah dengan pangeran. Pangeran kaya raya dan baik hati. Kisah cinderella dan sepatu kacanya cukup membuat kita sedikit berkhayal untuk itu.

Tetapi tahukah ia jika dalam kehidupan nyata. bahwa setiap wanita yang menikah itu pasti akan hidup dengan suaminya, mertuanya. dan bergaul dengan keluarga besarnya. masalah keluarga dan mertua pasti akan muncul.

Kehidupan rumahtangga baik itu keluarga kaya maupun keluarga biasa, akan menghadapi masalah rumah tangga. tinggal bagaimana mereka menghadapinya.

Bagi suami-suami yang tahu dan pernah merasakan punya istri yang tinggal dengan ibunya, mertua bagi si isteri, pasti tidak masalah tentang hal ini. Tetapi bagi seorang isteri yang ingin mandiri pasti tidak mau hidupnya berdampingan dengan mertuanya. seberapa baiknya mertuanya pasti si isteri ingin pisah, dengan alasan ingin mandiri.

Manohara berhasil mewujudkan impiannya menikah dengan pangeran. Dengan pesta besar pernikahan di istananya. (Rasanya disetiap dongeng putri raja, setiap pesta pernikahnnya selalu dilaksanakan diistana sang pangeran, jarang di kampung si putrinya dan ini yang ingin ibunya rasakan, merakan pesta pernikahannya di indonesia). akhirnya mereka hidup bahagia. (rencananya).

Karena kita hidup di alam realitas maka hubngan selanjutnya adalah suami istrei. beserta semua masalahnya. hal ini membuat dia harus belajar hidup dalam lingkungan keluarga besar suaminya. Hal ini sebetulnya terjadi juga pada semua wanita yang tinggal seatap dengan mertuanya. Mereka merasa sedikit gugup, gerah, tidak enak jika harus ketemu dengan mertuanya. dan semua itu akan hilang jika mereka sering komunikasi. Kalau tidak saling komunikasi minimal sang isteri perlu curhat . dan kemana lagi selain ke ibunya yang bisa dipercaya. salahnya kerajaan dan suaminya tidak mengizinkan dia berkomunikasi dan saling berhubungan. Dan ini yang menyebabkan timbulnya masalah ini.

Sekarang kita melihat cekal sudah dicabut. Ibu manohara sudah boleh mengunjungi anaknya. Semoga mereka bisa saling komunikasi dan Semoga endingnya tetap menjadi cerita bahagia seperti dongeng cinderella itu.


oriole is name of birds. in indonesia we call this birds kepodang