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Golden Oriole (Orioles chinensis diffuses)

Golden oriole in Indonesia is called by name kepodang.

Black-yellow Oriole is a medium-sized yellow and black bird. The male is bright yellow except for a broad black stripe through the eye, widening into a broader black band around the nape and hind crown, and black-and-yellow wings and tail. The female and sub adult male are similar but the mantle is yellow-olive; the immature is yellowish-green above and cream with black streaks below. The oriole inhabits lowland open forests and plantations, living in pairs or family parties. It usually stays high in large trees, but will descend lower in search of insects and berries for food.

The diffuses subspecies of Black-yellow Oriole is locally common in lowlands up to 1600 m in South-East Asia, India, the Philippines, Indonesia, and eastern China. In the 19th Century, it was also common in Indonesia, but has become rare and endangered due to habitat loss, and capture for the cage bird trade.

In Indonesia many places you can see this bird during the breeding season is on the west java till east java. During the non-breeding season, it is occasionally found elsewhere.

Black-yellow Oriole is still not legally protected under Indonesia Conservation Species.

You can take and buy in the bird market in Pasar Burung pramuka Jakarta or any place in Indonesia.

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