Minggu, 10 Mei 2009


Not far away from Bandung City this place is in district of Garut area. This is the place that you can hide. So many mountains, cliffs and rivers. South from Bandung city after pangalengan little town with cold weather. So many tea tree with beautiful landscape.

The only way you go Talegong is by 3 meter wide street. With the long deep cliff and sometime little avalance.

Talegong has around 12000 families. The districts are having 6 villages:

Kelurahan Mekarwangi
Kelurahan Sukalaksana
Kelurahan Selaawi,
Kelurahan Mekarwangi,
Kelurahan Sukamulya,
Kelurahan Mekarmukti.

This area is still open. There is nothing here but silence. In 10 or 20 years it seems this place is still not changes. There will not big building or highway because nothing you can find here.
Only one changes. The forest is reduces. The forest become farm, the hills becomes sawah (ricefields), the cliffs becomes stones mines. And the worlds become warm.

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