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If you want to see the beautiful art of comic. You must see the artwork from Terry Dodson artist.

Terry Dodson originally gained interest in to the comic book industry as a Star Wars fan furthering his interest by collecting it's several comic runs. Discovering a talent in art, Dodson began showing his portfolio at comic conventions, accepting members of the industry's criticism and growing from it. Getting a break in 1993, Dodson started his first title in Malibu Ultraverse's Mantra.

He has added his pencil to such titles as Star Wars, Hopeless Savages, Hopeless Savages: Ground Zero, Generation X, Legends of the DC Universe, GenActive, Harley Quinn, Spider-Man/ Black Cat: The Evil that Men Do, Smallville, Trouble, and upcoming European comic Coraline. Terry's partner in life also usually serves as his professional partner in his wife Rachel. Terry is known for his exquisite art in the female form, complimented by Rachel's ink.

For more info visit the official group:

o Terry Dodson Art Appreciation

*Bio contributed by Jerry Whitworth

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