Minggu, 10 Mei 2009


In Indonesia almost every man had smoking. Why? Because in elementary school had friends who start smoking. They do that because want to try anything new. The ad and people around him is like suggest him to do that.

In Indonesia woman or girl who smoking is looks bad, like whore they think. Why? Because if you want find the girls whose smoke you must go to night club or the place that you want to ****. But it is only in their mind. That’s why woman or girls in Indonesia if want to smoke, their smoking by hide. Even if their smoking in cafĂ© or night club.

In Indonesia the smokers think better not have food than not smoking. Why? Smoking is addicted. Today you smoke one, tomorrow you smoke two. And if you want to stop, is become not easy, because you had try and become love it.

In Indonesia many people are poor, but love to burning money by smoking.

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